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8 Ways to Reduce Employee Benefit Costs

June 25, 2019

It’s not just employers who are frustrated by increases in healthcare costs, it’s employees and their families. In fact, we’ll go even further. it’s everyone who needs care, knows someone who needs care, or may need care at some point. In other words, it’s everyone.

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How to Reduce the Cost of Healthcare

June 14, 2019

Imagine if next year’s healthcare spend came in at 20% less than you’re paying now. Ahhhhhh. Did your eyes just glaze over? Did your blood pressure drop? Did a faint smile cross your lips? Or did you quickly say to yourself, “That’s impossible!”

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The ABCs of Healthcare: A Broker Translation Kit

June 13, 2019

Let’s say you’re in a meeting with your employee benefits broker. Or maybe with a new insurance agent you’re thinking about working with. Things are going great. You’re both speaking the same language. Healthcare costs are ridiculous. Employers need better solutions. Employees need better care. Innovative plans and fixes are out there.

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